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Melbourne Eats Part 2: Coco Lounge, The Hardware Société, Chin Chin’s & Pana Chocolate

Part two of eating my way through Melbourne.

Seriously, if you’re ever visiting this city your memories of the food will be irrevocable. Whether it’s a sneaky CBD laneway or a main-drag gold mine, Melbourne has certainly got the goods to offer when it comes to brunches and boutique dinner hotspots.


Coco Lounge

First up is Coco Lounge, my most frequented local spot. For a suburban area, this cafe certainly has the indie city vibe down-pat. I’ve been coming here for years, but my most recent Sunday venture was outstanding. I partook in the zucchini and leek pikelets with avocado salsa (of course!), cured salmon, poached eggies and mushrooms.

Needless to say, it was divine. Not just because it included all my favourite brunchy must-haves, but because the calibre and finesse of the entire meal was above and beyond expectation. If you’re out Glen Waverley way, or even if you’re not, this cute and homey cafe is worth a drive-by.


Pana Chocolate

Pana Chocolate is slowly taking over the world, well at least Australia, with its homemade, raw, organic goodness. And I happen to work 10 minutes walking distance from its flagship store. Oh no.

But really, it’s oh yes.

I’ve been making my way through the menu at Pana Chocolate and highly recommend the mint block and the ever changing array slices they have on display. Plus, there’s cute inspirational signage all over the wall, which just brightens your day. I’m telling myself that’s the reason I’ve been dropping by so frequently… not for the… mmhmm… chocolate… not at all…


Chin Chin

The famous Chin Chin, where you can expect to wait anywhere between 30mins and 4 hours for a table, pending your day and time of choosing.

This place is certainly worth the wait. Hold out. You can do it. I promise you’ll be rewarded with a flavour explosion you’ll never forget!

I only had to wait 30 minutes on my most recent visit, so was treated to a afternoon wine downstairs beforehand at their sister-bar, Go Go. I then selected the chef’s selection from the menu and had the most mind-blowing dinner experience I’ve had for a while.

If you want everything on the menu, you should order the chef’s selection, but make sure you come with an empty stomach.

Highlights were the corn balls and roast beef (pictured above)

IMG_6640IMG_6641IMG_6646 IMG_6648IMG_6660IMG_6655

The Hardware Societe

This hot-spot, right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD on Hardware Lane, is adorable.

I selected the scrambled eggs and watched them come sizzling out on a hot-plate, which is rare for breakfast dining around Melbourne.

Other menu items I was dying to try were the baked eggs, patrons surrounding me seemed to be ordering them en masse.

If you have time to wait on a weekend, highly recommend dropping by this quaint and delicious destination.

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