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Paris Fashion Week: I’ll Haute Couture you in a minute

Paris Fashion Week 2014

This year, Paris fashion week was a stand out on the fashion events calendar. Though always opulent, this year designers went above and beyond expectations. Many fashion critics believe that Haute Couture is just for the designers, not for the buyers, but in Paris we saw a modern twist on the usually only ball-gown-worthy dress code.

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One of the opening shows, as pictured above in the first three images, was Christian Dior’s couture catwalk. Over six segments, his stand out pieces of embroidered and embellished pastel hued coats, among full-skirted ballgowns, were versatile and eclectic. The show was based on creative director Raf Simons’ vision for the high-end brand’s next steps: modern, black-tie event ready and pop-art combined into one.

Beyond just the catwalk and long legs of Cara Delevingne, the set was stunning. The white tones really set off the pastel palette of couture. As for the flower-studded walls, the event-planner in me was mind-boggled at the work which went into that flawless execution. I doff my hat to you Mr. Simons.

Another beatific show was the Chanel Haute Couture runway. Featuring the slender Kendall Jenner, with a bold up-do reminiscent of a 70s-inspired rocker chic, her look was edgy whilst also maintaining that Chanel aura of sophistication.

It was embellishments galore paired with street chic trainers, and shades of grey, black and white.

It was tres magnifique!

Images: Getty Images, AP & Rex

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