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Croatian Islands & Split: I’m On A Boat


Sail Croatia – what a week.
I did it, but I don’t know if I could do it again! I’m one of those tall people who barely fits in the length of a double bed – well this bed was in a totally new league of it’s own. With rooms probably 1×3 metres in size, it was a pretty interesting week of sleep!
But really, who needs sleep when there’s islands to visit?! I met some life long friends on that boat, and had an absolute ball. Make sure you visit Kiva Bar in Hvar – top destination where you’ll get a Tequila slammer – it will literally slam you, into the ground.
Enjoy the wonders of Croatia, and make sure you bring lightweight clothing. My flippy skirts, chiffon tops and sandals were my saviours to be comfortable, yet fashionable.

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