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Dubrovnik: Winter is Coming


To all my Game of Thrones lovers out there, Winter was certainly not coming in Kings Landing whilst I was in Dubrovnik. In fact, quite the opposite – I became so overheated it was time to resort to drastic measures: using a towel as a hat to cover my entire pale redheaded body. My wonderful travel buddy Laura has been very supportive of my fairskinnedness our entire trip, but took this opportunity to laugh at my despair (and take pictures… which you don’t need to see).

Nevertheless, walking around the entire wall of Dubrovnik, with a killer view of Old Town (as above) was a highlight of Europe thus far. Be sure to make it all the way round if you want a 360 view of this gorgeous city.

Another tip, stay in old town – it’s a pain in the arse to get to from anywhere else in Dubrovnik – and if you’re anything like us, you’ll make mistakes with the buses at least once a day!

A highlight, or lowlight – however you wish to see it, was going to an open air cinema…. or at least that’s what we believed we were stepping into. However, when the entire audience was over the age of 30, and the looks we received were of utter confusion, it was safe to say they weren’t here for Fast and The Furious. Instead, we were treated to an authentic Croation Folk Dance… that went on for 3 hours! Safe to say we’ll be careful how many wines we have at dinner from now on, as we missed the 2×2 metre sign plastered on the door!

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