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Santorini: A Travellers’ Dream

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The island of cyan topped circular roofs, black beaches, innocuous sunsets and killer views.
Santorini has been one of those must see wonders of the world, for me, since I knew what travelling was. After seeing the party life in Mykonos and the relaxation in Paros, Santorini was the absolute perfect blend of the two.
With a “bucket-list tour” of the black beach, red beach, and one of the most infamous sunset locations in Oia, Santorini: I’ve fallen in love with you. 
For the four nights I was there, I made the Hylander bar my home. Along with my travel buddy Laura, the two-for-one cocktails were our daily juice. 
My fashion choices in Santorni were for comfort and elegance, as summer washed over Greece, hues of blue and green were everywhere. I made a sneaky purchase of a delicious emerald green maxi skirt, soon to be my go to piece for the rest of our trip.
Of all the places in Santorini you NEED to go to, Oia must be at the top. That’s where you’ll find everything you’re looking for, namely, the blue topped roofs!

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