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London: Cold, Rainy & Adorable


Old London town, you be so beautiful. I have genuinely fallen in love with this city and never want to come back to Melbourne…

The luckiest thing is my father is working here for a year, so we’re fortunate enough to stay in the illustrious Regent’s Park at Cumberland Terrace, right in the heart of London. I’ll post with some pictures of what we’re calling “the palace” next.

Back to London. You really feel like you’ve stepped back in time here, with buildings older than I’ve ever seen holding so much history. After visiting New York, I see where the foundations are derived from. The architecture is outstanding with minute details outlasting centuries. Walking to the top of St Paul’s Cathedral and the edges of The Tower of London were absolute highlights.

I’m planning to live here – London and I are going to have a long-distance love-affair until we meet again.

Make sure you visit Sherlock’s Pub in Trafalgar Square – there’s so much history there, and the food is to die for on a cold day (which is always, let’s be honest).

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